Image of ManaForce RT
Image of ManaForce RT

ManaForce™ RT


ManaForce RT is a strong and durable custom ligament knee brace that provides maximum frame rigidity and protection for high-level contact sports. The ManaForce RT has a rigid thigh section that provides maximum stability and is an alternative to the active thigh cuff.

Rigid Thigh Cuff: Provides additional stability; for contactsports like football, rugby, hockey, etc.

Rigid Posterior Calf Cuff: Reduces the potential for tibial crest issues


• Stabilization of ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL or treatment of combined ligament instabilities

• Protection for surgical repairs

• Conservative treatment of ligament damage or deficiency

• Prophylactic bracing for athletic activities

Features & Benefits:

• Rigid Top for maximum strength, protection and support

• Aerospace-Grade Aluminum is 30% thicker and stronger than most aluminum braces

• Low-profile internally-mounted D-Rings allows straps to have direct skin contact

•Polycentric hinges

• Adjustable extension and flexion stopes

ManaForce RT Right
ManaForce RT Left
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