Image of ManaOA Plus
Image of ManaOA PlusImage of ManaOA Plus

ManaOA Plus

L1844, L2385

ManaOA Plus is a lightweight, low-profile single upright osteoarthritis knee brace with unique varus/valgus angle adjustment to optimize pain relief. Laterally applied frame and hinge corrects for either medial or lateral compartment and avoids contralateral limb contact during walking.


  • Mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis
  • Medial or lateral compartment

Features & Benefits:

  • Single upright OA brace
  • Push-button buckle for patients with manual dexterity impairments in their hands
  • Maximized 3 points of leverage for medical compartment
  • Q-Hinge corrects by changing the overall angle of the brace rather than pushing or pulling with the straps or condyle pads
  • Available in heavy-duty Q-hinge for patients over 300 pounds
ManaOA Plus Right
ManaOA Plus Left
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