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Bold, Modern, and Future-focused: ManaMed Redefines its Presence in the Medical Device Industry

New Brand Identity, Record Growth and Innovation Sets the Stage for a Strong Start in 2024

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DENTON, Texas,Jan. 4, 2024/PRNewswire/ --ManaMed LLC, a global leader in orthopedic mobility and post-operative rehabilitation equipment, announced it has completed a major rebranding effort. The revitalized brand identity reaffirms ManaMed's unwavering dedication to growth and pioneering innovation in the medical device sector.

Culminating months of invaluable insights and feedback from ManaMed's leadership, staff, and esteemed customers, ManaMed introduces its invigorated purpose statement - "Recovery Activated". This statement embodies the company's steadfast commitment and energy in assisting patients to return to their daily routines following orthopedic injuries or surgeries. It underscores our commitment to innovation, personalized care, a comprehensive product line, and cutting-edge technology, while fostering employee growth and inclusivity with a confident, forward-thinking outlook.

"We are thrilled to unveil the brand-new face of ManaMed. Our journey from inception has always been devoted to empowering patients to regain mobility and maintain an active lifestyle post-injury or surgery. Now, our brand aesthetics and narrative genuinely mirror this commitment. This brand refresh is not merely a cosmetic change; it signifies a pivotal moment in our growth trajectory and our continuing leadership in the medical device industry. As we persist in revolutionizing our product portfolio and broadening our commercial reach, we reaffirm our dedication to personalized patient care products, innovative solutions, and inclusive growth for all stakeholders."  -Trevor Theriot, CEO, ManaMed 

Our revitalized brand identity encompasses an innovative logo, a refreshed color palette, and a compelling messaging platform. While the ManaMed name remains consistent, its visual representation has been refreshed to align with our inspired mark, drawing cues from the orthopedic medical device industry and the patients our products serve. Our updated color scheme introduces a dynamic green, symbolizing our unwavering focus on patient health and recovery. This vibrant hue is elegantly juxtaposed against a contemporary, sophisticated gray backdrop, befitting a company built on the pillars of trust and reliability.

Despite our brand evolution, ManaMed's dedication to being a trailblazer in the design, development, and distribution of innovative medical devices remains unwavering. We assure our diverse clientele, from large-scale distributors to independent healthcare providers, of our unchanging commitment to quality across our comprehensive suite of orthopedic recovery care products. Our renowned customer-centric service further accentuates our pledge towards excellence. This comprehensive approach breathes life into our mantra, "Recovery Activated," exemplifying its authenticity and resonance.


ManaMed designs, develops, and distributes orthopedic solutions that keep active, high-performing people in the game and back-on-track following injury or surgery.  Our extensive catalog spans vascular and electrotherapies, assisted mobility, electrical stimulation, and DVT prevention products. We partner with orthopedists, physical therapists, surgeons, and DME companies across the US to keep patients of all ages and backgrounds healthy and comfortable while on the path to recovery. We welcome opportunities to work together to solve tough challenges with innovative solutions. For more information, visit, or talk to one of us by emailing or calling 1.888.508.0712.

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