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Image of ManaEZ Hip Ice
Image of ManaEZ Hip IceImage of ManaEZ Hip IceImage of ManaEZ Hip Ice

ManaEZ® Hip Ice


The ManaEZ Hip Ice is a hip abduction control orthosis, which allows protected motion while providing edema and pain relief with ice and compression.


  • Patented ROM hinge consists of an abduction pivot hinge and a ROM flexion/extension hinge to protect the hip from every angle
  • Pneumatic compression technology for edema and pain control - enhances cryotherapy
  • Includes 2 flexible ice packs for up to two hours of cold therapy, helps ensure successful patient compliance
  • Circumferential straps on waist and thigh for easy application
  • Universally sized for left or right hip; latex-free
ManaEZ Hip Ice
ManaEZ Hip Ice Extension Strap
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